Spencer Lund, 08/10/2016

On Friday in Los Angeles, Derrick Rose took the stand in the civil rape trial brought by his ex-girlfriend. His ex, the anonymous Jane Doe, had broken down in tears when she testified earlier in the week about what happened, and now it was Rose’s turn to explain how he –and his two childhood friends, Ryan Allen and Randall Hampton — had been given consent to have sex with her on the night in question.

Despite his attempts to clear his name, Rose’s testimony on Friday will do little to repair the damage the civil case has done to his persona in the eyes of the public, especially when considering how his defense team has publicly shamed her in the lead-up to the case. Here’s what went down, by way of the Associated Press:

It started with a morning text message from the woman saying Rose was the reason she “wakes up horny,” including a photo of herself in her nightshirt and continued with other texts about sex throughout the day.

Rose said Friday he surmised that those “horny” text had triggered consent from that point on, and that was only reinforced for him by their sexual history, sex acts she engaged in with him and his personal assistant that night at his house and an invite hours later to her apartment.

“I was assuming that all of us going over there that she wanted to have sex with all of us,” Rose testified in a matter-a-fact demeanor.

Rose’s account stood in stark contrast to the blurry night Jane Doe remembered in her own day-and-a-half testimony earlier in the week. The Knicks’ new point guard was called to the stand as a hostile witness by the accuser’s lawyer on Friday in an attempt to authenticate that he was never given consent for the group sex that took place in her bedroom later on the night in question.

Remember, Rose admitted he didn’t know the definition of consent in a previous deposition. But his story of what happened is filled with behavior that’s not in line with the gentle, unassuming facade he’s shown to the public during his NBA career and it continues the tawdry turn the case has taken.

Rose said the only time the woman said, “Stop” was after she let them in her apartment and they all headed for the bedroom together.

“She told us, ‘One at a time,’” he said. He and Hampton waited on the sofa while Allen was inside.

The woman testified she never let the men in her place and remembers waking to see them all in her bedroom. She recalled Allen on top of her at one point and, at another, Rose pulling her to the side of the bed as she tried to roll off.

Rose said he never received any text from the woman telling him she wanted to have sex with him and the two others. But he had assumed from what had transpired and the fact she had never told him no.

“In my mind, she consented every time we had sex,” he said. “Why wouldn’t she do it that time?”

Attorney Waukeen McCoy suggested Rose had no remorse about the night.

“I’m sensitive to it,” Rose replied, but added, “I feel I didn’t do anything wrong.”

That wasn’t all.

Rose claimed he hadn’t seen his ex since they broke up months previously, but he invited her over for drinks that night. She came with a friend and had a shot or two of tequila before becoming — as Rose alleged in his testimony — sexually aggressive, which he said turned him off. He claims he went to his room at this point, and rejected further attempts from the plaintiff to engage in sexual congress. It was then, Rose said, that a friend removed her from the room.

About 20 minutes later he said he walked outside and saw his friend, Hampton, having sex with her by the side of the pool. Rose said she pulled him over to join them initiating oral sex, but he says he broke away and returned to his bedroom. Rose also testified that Jane Doe was acting a bit abnormally, but he didn’t think she was drunk.

When accuser’s lawyer asked Rose if he thought she was after his money, he said “Not at that time.”

But Derrick’s defense team has repeatedly painted Jane Doe as a gold digger looking to profit from the relationship, with her disputing those claims by saying “I didn’t wish him any harm, I wanted him to be accountable.”

Doe didn’t report the alleged rape to police at the time it occurred and filed the civil suit two years later. There’s currently an active criminal investigation.